Table and Peekamoose Mountains Hike

I hiked the trail up Table and Peekamoose Mountains on April 2; a hint of Spring was in the air, along with the chill of the winter that's almost passed. This trail is a difficult path up the mountains. It starts relatively flat, then proceeds to climb right up the mountain. This trail gains 2,539.4 feet in elevation in the course of its 9.5 miles, and you sure do earn the views. 


The trail starts you walking through the forest along a river with a few bridge crossings over it. After about 1.7 miles, the trail starts its steady uphill. The trail up to the first mountain, Table, felt like it was divided in three portions of uphill, broken up by portions of somewhat flat land. The summit of Table was wooded, holding no views of the Catskills, except for the portions of the mountains you can peer through the trees to see. 

After the summit of Table, the trail takes you downhill, then back up to the summit of Peekamoose. At the Peekamoose summit, you have to walk a bit off trail through the brush to a lookout area, where you can see the Ashokan Reservoir far in the distance. Once we were hiking between the two mountains, the trail became a sheet of ice, so we put our spikes on to traverse safely over it. 

I couldn't forget to layer up in my favorite Catskill Outpost apparel! 

The hike down was not nearly as challenging as the hike up. The trail is out and back, so we went back down the same difficult way we came, only the way back was downhill so we didn't struggle down as much as we had coming up. 

Overall, the trail up Table and Peekamoose Mountains may be one of my new favorites in the Catskills. The views at the top of Peekamoose were superb, and the weather in the beginning of April was much more manageable to hike in compared to hiking in January. I highly recommend getting to this trail if you are up to the challenge; you'll be rewarded with excellent views, a good sweat, and a surreal experience in the mountains that can't be matched outside the Catskills. 


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